We have a new member his name is WeedyCraft he is a minecraft server owner and he is just amazing he will be advertising his server in profound gaming because he has permission too and also he  also gets on teamspeak alot!!
Hi guys, Your head admin here. (BBGun007)

I would just like the state that Christmas Profanity has started and we would love it if you guys would join and hang with us just check out the home page and you will see the team speak ip everyone is welcome.
Hello everyone!

Exciting news guys, we have a new member his name is TJ
Please be sure to give him a warm welcome into the team and get to know him =D

we hope you enjoy your stay here TJ and
Hey Guys Lookin Here!

Just letting everyone know Mrepicsqueaky101 will be away for a little while his laptop broke so he is unable to be active

We all hope you come back soon Epic!

Hey guys!

Great news we have 5 new members in profound gaming, please be sure to give the following a warm welcome!


hope you guys enjoy your stay

Hey guys!

I added in a new rule to Profound Gaming to stop the people who keep spamming the website.

No spamming!
There is to be no spamming on any services of Profound Gaming period!
Anyone caught spamming will be banned from all services Profound Gaming provides.
Some may ask why? The reason is the Profound Gaming staff don't want to have to deal with people spamming on a regular basis.


Hey guys!

Lookin here!

We have a new Web Domain instead of our www.profoundgaming.weebly.com it is now www.pgclan.org.
I hope you guys enjoy the new URL =D

What's up guys it's Lookin here!

Oh yeah that's right it's that time of the year, Christmas Profanity is here for the first time ever!

What is this Christmas Profanity you may ask? . . . . . Christmas Profanity is an exclusive event only
to Profound Gaming this year debuting December 25th 2012.

Christmas Profanity is a members invite only BUT live streams will be done at the time more details on the "Events" Section of the website.
The game/s and times is yet to be decided more news will be posted so be sure to come back and check up every now and then! =D

Members of Profound Gaming will be doing a little bit of friendly competition and the member who shows they can interact with other members and viewers on the streams will receive a free game thanks to Dexter2326.

Want to be apart of the action?
Then Apply for membership up at the Recruitment Center.

If you have any further questions you can contact me on

skype: RXDouble0Seven

steam: PGLookin

Xfire: olskoolpimp

Thanks for reading!

Yep, The sad news is true. Server funds are low so we can't afford to host the Tekkit server anymore, Not that anyone used it. Although it's a sad loss, We must continue to keep growing. Not asking for donations but anything you can do is greatly appreciated =D
Hi Guys!

MrEpicSqueaky101 has now been promoted to moderator!

He has been working hard for profound gaming and has proved he is here for the long run thanks for your hard work MrEpicSqueaky101 and look forward to seeing your future here at Profound Ga

    Here will be all the current news and updates check back often to be the first to find news out!